Spicer SPL140X | (Spicer SPL140) Universal Joint, Greaseable


  • $118.37

You expect a lot from your vehicle, and Spicer Life Series (SPL) universal joints deliver. SPL universal joints consistently outperform competitors, so you can hit the road or trail with confidence. Check out the difference that SPL universal joints can make in your vehicle, and make sure you?re getting the longer life, increased bearing capacity and lower maintenance costs that Spicer Life Series (SPL) can provide.
Brand Spicer
OEM Mfg Spicer
OEM Series SPL140
Bearing Cap Diameter (1) 1.937
Bearing Plate (1) 5.504
Bearing Plate (2) 5.461
Greaseable Y
Type SPRTAB Style
Package Qty 1
Package Type EACH
Weight 3.22 LB
Country of Origin United States