CB210875-1XSA Meritor 92N Series Center Bearing | Solid Cushion

Meritor CB210875-1XSA | Bearing, Center


  • $98.37

The same parts used on new OEM equipment and installed on new trucks rolling down the assembly lines. Plus they are continually updated with the latest design enhancements.
Meritor Genuine parts are the best choice for new vehicles, for new vehicles still under warranty and for customers who want to run with the best and maintain the genuine performance of their vehicles with genuine OEM replacement parts.
Brand Meritor Genuine
Series 176N, 17N (HEAVY DUTY), 18N, 85WB, 92N
Bearing ID Max/Min 2.3622 in. / 2.3616 in.
Bearing Width 1.41 in.
Height 3.38 in.
Marketing Group Solid Cushion
Mntg Holes (Cntr To Cntr) 8.63 in.
Unit Pack 1
Weight 8.66