17N-4-2371 Meritor 17N Series End/Pinion Yoke | Round Bearing

Meritor 17N-4-2371 | End Yoke


  • $267.49

Meritor parts provide proven performance and lasting value for original, second and even third owners. Meritor aftermarket parts meet performance expectations on all makes of vehicles. They provide a proven level of quality, performance and value.
Brand Meritor
Series 17N
Bearing Cap Diameter 1.94 in.
Center To End 5.00 in.
Hub Diameter 2.75 in.
Joint Angle 34°
Marketing Group 17N
Spline Diameter 2.000 in.
Spline Length 2.00 in.
Spline Number Of Splines 10
Unit Pack 1
Use U-Joint Kit M280X
Yoke Dim Across Ears 6.09 in.
Weight 11.48