6-27-17-7131 Spicer 1710 Series Tube & Yoke Assembly

Spicer 6-27-17-7131 | (1710) Tube And Yoke Assy


  • $218.40

Demand Genuine Spicer. Dana design, engineering, testing and manufacturing processes all work in conjunction with one another to ensure unparalleled performance that non-genuine parts simply cannot deliver.
Brand Spicer
Series 1710
(D) Ty Bearing Diameter In 1.938
(D) Ty Bearing Diameter Mm 49.2252
(E) Ty Bearing Width In 6.094
(E) Ty Bearing Width Mm 154.7876
(F) Cl Of Yk To End Of Tube In 75.000
(F) Cl Of Yk To End Of Tube Mm 1905
Material Steel
Tube Length In 71.969
Tube Length Mm 1828.0126
Tube Od In 4.000
Tube Od Mm 101.6
Tube Wall In 0.134
Tube Wall Mm 3.4036
Wall Type (S/W) W
Package Qty 1
Package Type EACH
Weight 24.04 LB
Country of Origin United States