10-4-871Sx Spicer 1000St Series End Yoke

Spicer 10-4-871SX | (1000ST) Steering Shaft Yoke


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Demand Genuine Spicer. Dana design, engineering, testing and manufacturing processes all work in conjunction with one another to ensure unparalleled performance that non-genuine parts simply cannot deliver.
Brand Spicer
Series 1000ST
Bolt Hole C/L To Bearing C/L 1.780
Bolt Hole C/L To Hub End 0.470
Bolt Hole C/L To Spline C/L 0.748
Bolt Hole Diameter 0.467
Bolt Hole Top To Spline C/L 0.748
C/L To Hub End 2.250
Number of Splines Based On 36
Serrated Hole Maj. Diameter 0.739
Serrated Hole Min. Diameter 0.696
Spline Count 21
Type Steering Shaft-Serrated
Package Qty 1
Package Type EACH
Weight 0.45 LB
Country of Origin United States