CB210370-1X Meritor 1310 Series Center Bearing | Slotted With Rubber Cushion

Meritor CB210370-1X | Driveline Center Bearing


  • $32.70

Meritor parts provide proven performance and lasting value for original, second and even third owners. Meritor aftermarket parts meet performance expectations on all makes of vehicles. They provide a proven level of quality, performance and value.
Brand Meritor
Series 128N, 131N, 133N, 135N, 141N
Bearing ID Max/Min 1.3780 in. / 1.3775 in.
Bearing Retainer Deflector DEFR22-4
Bearing Width 0.98 in.
Front Deflector DEFR28-4
Height 2.25 in.
Marketing Group Slotted Rubber Cushion
Mntg Holes (Cntr To Cntr) 6.63 in.
Rear Deflector RBR28-1
Style G
Unit Pack 1
Weight 3.50