DCJ, Inc. 01-025BP Bullet Proof Kevlar Clutch Kit for Jeep and American Motors

DCJ, Inc. 01-025BP Bullet Proof Kevlar Clutch Kit for Jeep and American Motors

DCJ, Inc.

  • $198.00

The KEVLAR® facing in the DCJ, Inc. Bullet Proof Clutch, is a long fiber textile and not made from sub standard ground material found in other KEVLAR® clutch disc facings. This makes the facings stronger and offers a considerably higher resistance to tearing, abrasion and heat while delivering higher load carrying torque and friction coefficients. This friction material lasts on average three to five times longer than standard original equipment facings and will not score opposing metal surfaces. The pressure plate is re-manufactured to the highest quality utilizing over 60 years of experience. If you want a higher plate load or can't find the clutch and or components you are looking for, call (800) 886-7804 for assistance.



  • Pressure Plate Size: 11"
  • Pressure Plate Number: 1858
  • Type: Lever
  • Plate Load: 1860 LBS


  • Disc Number: 41936
  • Disc Diameter: 11.000"
  • Spline Diameter: 1.125"
  • Spline Count: 10T
  • Facing Material: Kevlar


  • Replaces Clutch Kit: 01-025
  • Release Bearing: R1605C / N1491 (Included)
  • Bearing Only: N1054 / 1505
  • Alignment Tool: ATAM12 (Included)
  • Pilot Bearing: BU76 / BU77 (Not Included)


Make Model Year
Jeep Cherokee 1974-1979
Jeep CJ5 1976-1979
Jeep CJ7 1976-1979
Jeep DJ5 1976-1979
Jeep J-100 1971-1973
Jeep J-2500 1971-1973
Jeep J-2600 1971-1973
Jeep J-4500 1971-1973
Jeep J-4600 1971-1973
Jeep J-4700 1971-1973
Jeep J-4800 1971-1973
Jeep J10 1974-1979
Jeep J20 1974-1979
Jeep Jeepster 1971-1973
Jeep Wagoneer 1972-1979
American Motors Ambassador 1970-1974
American Motors Hornet 1971-1972
American Motors Javelin 1971-1974
American Motors Matador 1971-1974
American Motors Rebel 1970